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Every Day in May - 5


EDM Challenge #222:  My Favorite Art Tool

I love Niji Waterbrushes!  I started playing with watercolor paints approximately 5 years ago and bought a series of round brushes from size 00 to 12.  I learned how NOT to spill my water containers, but never felt completely confident that I could paint in my sketchbooks in the living room, bedroom, or friends homes.  I was an "early" convert to the Niji waterbrushes and now even use them with watercolor pencils in the museum - where only pencils are allowed.  This year I found the large flat one which is perfect for painting large areas - and not getting too fussy in small areas.


I'm so nervous that I might lose one, that I have a new set of 4 waiting for me with my art supplies at all times!


So funny! I spilled my minuscule sketching water container on myself while the kids were playing in the park this afternoon... and I had a waterbrush with me, but have not yet learned to love it.

I love the fact that you always have your reserve set of Niji brushes. I UNDERSTAND! Somewhere in the house (I hope!) four of my H (2H, 4H, 6H, 8H) graphite woodless pencils have disappeared. After looking a fair bit, I decided that the right thing to do was replace them NOW and when they show up, I'll have a backup set. Well, I WOULD have had a backup set, but the Art Store didn't have any H-series woodless graphite pencils. Need to trek out to the far distant corner of the universe (known as Henrietta) to the other art store...

I will look at / for the Niji brushes while I'm at it!

I would love to try some of these one day. They just look so practical and you can pretty much bring them EVERYWHERE! I have not seen them here in Germany...yet
Nice sketch!

Great sketch and post! I've just discovered the joys of the larger waterbrushes myself and can't understand why I didn't like them the first time I tried them. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes to have backups of their favourite art tools! :-)

This is great. i was just thinking today that it may be my favourite - or perhaps an ink pen . I will have to decide soon.
You are lucky to have the whole set to play with. It is frustrating to go out with my little sketch pack only to find I have left the brush at home. There is something about the immediacy of adding the paint colour on the spot.

Oh boy, wouldn't I love a set of these too. Maybe I can talk the team into something for father's day ;-) Glad you are enjoying EDiM. Keep enjoying the art-play.

Wonderful sketch! I like my Niji waterbrush too and the flat one is on my list.

Perfect, those brushes are Wonderful - at least for journal work - I am never with out mine and have extras for sure! I cannot pick a favorite yet, will have to decide soon.

I love the drawing of the niji brushes! I'm glad to hear someone else admit to buying backup supplies for just in case. I did that with my waterbrushes and fave paint box (ok and way too many other things).

These are my favorites, too.... what a miracle to have such inexpensive brushes do such a commendable job. I would not use them for large work but they are perfect for my moleskin journal pages.

I love those too! But a lot of the knockoffs don't work as well, I find. You sketched them beautifully.

I love these waterbrushes too, but I've only been able to find one size and that was at Michaels, or Hobby Lobby. Where are you finding all these wonderful sizes?

I use my flat a lot, too, Shirley! Glad you enjoy them, you use them well!

Can I ask you a question? I see you use waterbrushes, you talk about moleskin and watercolor paper and the paints you use, however, can I ask how you make your lines? OH, I know you also use pit pens however, many of your line seam to be very fine and light is that becuase it's graphite? Also, so you have a flickr?


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