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Every Day in May - 24


This morning we went to the Boat/Duck Pond (officially called the Conservatory Water) in Central Park for coffee.  While I sketched, my husband read the NY Times.  The refreshment stand is open this year and there are tables, chairs, and umbrellas on the patio.  There were owners and dogs at tables adjacent to ours, so I quickly sketched them and then my husband's cap above the newspaper.



Then I discovered the ornamental poppies that were in bloom - and they were so magnificent that I had to draw and paint one bloom and one bud before we came home.






Fun profiles here---these remind me a bit of Florine Asch illustrations. I always like seeing the joy you take in making your sketches and today's are a case in point!

Lovely, happy sketches. Sounds like a good time!

Were the dogs sitting in chairs at the tables too? My dad used to let his dog Rosie sit in a chair at the table (but just for birthday parties and of course the dog got a slice of cake (or two if it was the dog's birthday!)

Gorgeous poppies!

Oh I can just imagine it -the Perfect morning - Love the people and the poppy is fantastic!

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