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May 4, 2009

Every Day in May - 4


This is the week of the Impressionist and Modern Art Auctions in New York.  I love to go to the viewings to see these collections - pieces usually moving from one private collection to another, or museum to museum.  Today I met a friend at Christies, and after we explored the galleries, we sketched two very small Picasso drawings.  I then went off to Sotheby's to see their exhibits and sketched an Egon Schiele nude woman.  These drawings become my journal pages for today and also allow me to learn more about how these artists created their lines and color.  I always worry about drawing hands - neither of these artists worried about the hands - at all!

Pablo Picasso: Deux Couples Dansant - approximately 5 X 8" - a crayon drawing which I did with pen and watercolors pencils:


Egon Schiele: Seated Female Nude with Tilted Hed and Raised Arms: 


Each of the Lots has an estimated auction price and it is fun to go back to the Auction Houses' websites on Thursday to see what the selling price really was.

May 3, 2009

Every Day in May - 2 and 3


We were at a wedding this weekend, so both of my journal pages are from the event.  The wedding was held in a church and the reception in a wonderful hotel conservatory - full of beautiful flowering plants.  Just before the cocktail hour I was able to make a quick painting of one of the many floor to ceiling trellises. 

This morning I painted one of the roses that I brought back to our hotel room last night.  The red-orange-salmon color was spectacular. 

This is a double page spread and the grey line down the middle is the center fold.


May 2, 2009

Every Day in May - 1


This is my 3rd year participating in this challenge.  I already complete one journal page per day, but I only upload a small number of those pages to my blog.  Shouldn't be a surprise that I don't upload drawings and paintings that I don't like.  This challenge forces me to upload each and everyone for 31 days - the good, the bad, and the ugly.  At the beginning of the month, this makes me a little more careful about choice of subject and may even make me less spontaneous.  Midway through the month I can usually overcome these feelings. 

Here is my journal page from yesterday May 1st.  We eat dinner at a restaurant in Grand Central Station before going to the Broadway theater - and almost always have Ceasar salad, a thin crust sausage pizza, and a glass of chianti.  Last night the play with Matthew Broderick got a bad review, so we savored dinner even more.


Here are several journal pages to finish posting from April.  The first is from a Gauguin drawing that was a study for his Dancing Girls of Breton.  The Morgan Library and Museum had the 5th installment of the Thaw collection drawings and I loved this one!  The second is from a reading at Barnes Noble by Arthur Phillips - author of the Egyptologist.  My book group is reading it this month.  He read from his new novel, but it was still fun meeting him.  This image is from the book cover - the colors are mine.




EDM Challenge 221: Hand-held game

I'm not a game player, but have a basket of cards from my children's childhood, occasional games of solitaire, and "War" with my grandchildren.  This set of cards has a figure skater from the 1984 Olympics, so at least drawing it game me practice with unusual persepctive with the skater body.



May 1, 2009


I fell in love with the concept of recycling old, "ready for the garbage", books.  Most of the ones I've used cost $1.00 and were on the cart that was ready for disposal.  This gives them a completely new life and provides me with a fun watercolor journal to use for daily sketches.  I recycled 7 books, previously posting a detailed set of instructions and photos on my blog,and then took a short bookbinding workshop to make my own watercolor journals including the book cover.

Here are all of my blog posts re: both recycled and non-recycled books I made:


Here are my instructions for recycling my books:


I used my Michaelangelo Sonnet book for figure drawing practice, and then one called Painting Made Easy.  Last month I made my 8th recycled book as my 3rd volume for figure drawing practice and this one is called The Illustrator




I use a 5 hole, modified coptic stitch to stitch the signatures together and then glue the spine using paper and mull - a technique I learned in my bookbinding workshop.  But there are still small gaps using 140 lb watercolor paper that I can't avoid, although they are so much smaller that I don't cover them with strips of the endpapers as I did previously. 


When using book covers from old books, you have a fixed size for the pages and some waste watercolor paper.  I decided to use the waste piece for the first pages of my new recycled books and used these slightly smaller pages for some 90 second figure drawing using Pose Maniacs.

I love the freedom of selecting a size for my watercolor journals when I make my own covers, but as a book lover, I also really love searching for a book with an appropriate title and/or theme and giving it a new life and prominent place on my bookshelf.

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