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Miscellaneous Watercolor Journal Pages

I sometimes feel as if I have sketched everything in this apartment at one time or another.  After a full day at work, when too tired to look further, I sketched a few items from the drawer that I use, right next to my end of the couch in our library. 


My daughter bought an amazing light fixture for her children's playroom several years ago and it is a constant challenge for me to draw one of the objects suspended from the structure.  I was with two of my grandchildren last week when I decided to try to sketch the biplane yet another time.  I am looking up at the plane and can never convince myself that I can tell which wing is on top and which is on the bottom. 


We had a full day of family activities last Saturday.  In the morning we had a brunch to celebrate our youngest grandchild's first birthday - several weeks early because none of us would be in DC on her actual birthday.  In the evening,  my husband and I and our 3 children and their spousese took my mother out for dinner in Manhattan for her 90th birthday.  In the afternoon, while the youngest children took naps, 4 year old Sydney spent two hours on an art project and while she was busy painting and decorating little jewelry boxes, I sketched her supplies.


She had glitter glue (the tube on the far left) and used her finger to add it to my journal page.  All of those dirty little dots are really sparkling!

 I'm constantly torn between practicing some art skills and keeping a visual journal.  So far I've divided my daily sketchbook pages between the two, but it is a constant mental struggle. 



I love all of these sketches. The subjects, the colours. Personally, I think you've managed to crack the perspective with the byplane.
On my blogfeed it was the pile of journals that really caught my eye.

These are all really nice sketches, Shirley! I just love the journals too, and the bright colors in Sydney's painting set-up. That does look like an amazing light fixture!

I understand that "mental struggle" between the various disciplines and projects we want to devote our time to. I don't know what the answer is, except to do whatever feels like the right thing at the moment you put pen, pencil or paint to paper. And I love the simplicity of ALL your work. Especially like those pens and journals!

I'll confess, I had to google "bookweight" as I've never come across one before!

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