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EDM Challenge #208: Out of Place

We picked up two of our grandchildren from nursery school and walked them back to our apartment through Central Park.  There was a recent snowfall and Robbie (age 3 1/2) and his cousin Sydney (age 4) were having a fabulous time making and throwing snowballs and our progress was really slow.  On a bench, on one of the paths in the middle of the Park, we saw a beautiful pair of brown leather cowboy boots, a new red and black backpack, and an open bird watcher's book.  

We regularly watch Law and Order, so my husband and I looked at each other suspiciously and for an instant wondered whether we would next find a body.  There were no people anywhere in sight - in any direction.  I took a photo so I could show a Park staff member when we passed one of the them on the second half of our journey.  We never heard more about the event and hopefully the tourist who left them there was able to retrieve their stuff when they returned.  



This is marvelous---and I know how you felt....very good sketching and so interesting a read!

LOL! I tried to leave a comment, wrote it in the wrong place, then hit enter by mistake. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I LOVE how this fits the "out of place" challenge! Leaves me wondering what the story is behind the items.

Great painting, better story! Who says New Yorkers are mean, rude and
uncaring? (I can say this as a former Nu Yawker) I did have to smile
though, at your reference to Law and Order, (it is on playing in the
background as I type this). I am a rabid fan of all the L&O's and the CSIs.
That would drive me crazy not knowing if the person came back for their
This was a great way to meet the challenge and you did a great job of it.

Hmm - sounds suspicious to me! I love your drawing!

You live such an interesting life. Glad you didn't find a body though...!

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