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EDM Challenge #209: Draw a Shadow

 When this challenge was posted, I began a search for a shadow photo that I vaguely remembered among my huge collection of family photos - and finally found it.  My husband and I were taking our daily one hour walk along the beach, when our shadows spread out in front of us, over several wet footprints, and I snapped a photo.  I have no idea why our shadows are so bulky!



I also had a recent photo of my granddaughter Syd, in the snow in Central Park, that showed a great shadow in the snow.  I wanted to paint this photo anyway, so it is a smaller representation of a shadow.




Omigosh, I love the one of Syd! It could be an illustration in a children's book!

Your shadows at the beach are great. Love the footprints. As for bulky, you should see when I am out walking the dog these days.
Hope you are feeling better.

Hey, Shirley.
This is the first time I've got on your blog for ages! For some reason my laptop just won't let me view it. I've missed visiting, and enjoying your work. Thank you for your kind words on mine, too.

I love the soft colours you used in these paintings.

As Kate says, your drawing of Syd really could be in a book! Wonderful shadows on the beach too, with the footpritns showing through.

This is the essence of little girl in winter. Charming, Shirley.

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