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Art Goals - 2009

Art Goals 2009: 

EDM members inspired me to set goals several years ago and I am grateful for the suggestion.  Without them, I'm not sure whether I would have remained as active and productive.  So here are my current plans for 2009. 

1. Daily Art: Continue to complete one sketch daily, do weekly EDM challenges, and upload some journal pages to my blog at least twice per week.  

2. Bookbinding: Make more ~6" x 8" watercolor journals for the year using Fabriano Artistico extra-bright 140 lb soft press paper.

3. More Sketchbook Drawing Practice:

a. Faces and figures - try self-portraits?

b. Continue to draw the Masters to learn how they make their lines.

c. Interiors of my current apartment for the "My Homes" series.

4. Current Projects:

a. Redraw and paint Cezanne’s Card Players at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the second year.

b. Finish myThemed Journals: Elizabeth I journal (London) from photos I took there in 2006-7 and my NY State Tax Report journal (New York City) for my 10 blocks from home series of drawings.

5. Retirement Project: I would like to develop a project for my first 6 months of retirement (July-Dec 2009). I love this city and never have enough time to explore it. I need to consider whether I can combine local travel by bus and subway and illustrated journaling of my days exploring specific sections of Manhattan.

6. Structured Learning: Read Drawing with Children by Mona Brooks

7. Find a Local Art Buddy: I’d love to have someone to do sketchcrawls with in Manhattan.

8. PLAY:  I want to do more experimentation, trying new tools and techniques and loosening up - thinking only of process, not product.


I would love to be your sketch buddy and I would in the "wink of an eye"...unfortunately I'm across the continent and not in your area...OOOOH MY! Your retirement projects sounds fascinating...I can't wait to see it unfold!

Have a delightful art filled 2009! All the best to you!

All great ideas! The challenge for me would be how to combine several so that I could keep going on all of them.

Starting on Dec. 29, I started drawing my head in the mirror, as soon as I got dressed in the morning. With a variety of media (sharpie, pencil, brush pen) on a variety of papers--fast, loose, admitting what I look like and putting it on paper!

I'm liking the process so far. And NO ONE sees these :-)

Wonderful goals Shirley, I have not committed to any myself (rather like disappointing resolutions) but you have inspired me to think about my own now. I hope we can get together more often to sketch too.

This a wonderful plan, Shirley. Your goals are ambitious but achievable. You get so much done now that I just can't imagine what you'll do in retirement.
I don't have a plan this year, but I do hope that I'll be meeting up with you for a sketchcrawl at some point!

Good list of goals, Shirely (and retirement? How exciting for you!) I'm glad to see you are going to continue exploring and drawing your city. You have a wonderful way of drawing buildings and places that I find very inspiring. I look forward to seeing more of them. Best wishes for 2009.

Hi! I left you an answer on my blog about the product I used on my shoe! I wasn't sure of the protocol with EDM answers!
And you look like you have ALOT of goals! How exciting about retirement! And your holiday looked wonderful!
Warmest aloha,

Great goals...if you visit Orlando Florida I will be your art buddy and sketch and do a little tour...3rd thursday or second tuesday..or 1st friday best days...

What a great list of goals! I like that they are specific as well. I also love the idea of having a local art buddy -- I might just have to add that to my list of goals for the year!

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