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Some Animal Drawings

I am very busy in Oct, Nov, and Dec - anticipating all of the Christmas sewing and quilting that needs to be done.  So like Santa, I put out a call for reindeer help.


My son Jason had a pet iguana during college and most of medical school.  We all grew to love Pablo as long as he was safely looking at us from his fabulous terrarium that was built by my son.   This photo was an excellent inspiration and challenge for me - especially drawing a figure with a face!


My husband and I worked as volunteers all Saturday morning sorting books for the upcoming Goddard Riverside Book Fair and then spent the afternoon watching our grandchildren enjoy the Halloween Fun Fair that my daughter organized as a fund raising event for their nursery school.  After carving a pumpkin with my grandchildren at dinnertime, we came home and collapsed.  I almost didn't do a journal page for Saturday - and then picked up my sketchbook, a washable graphite pencil, and a photo of Lin's kittens and did a very loose sketch in the few minutes before bed.  I try to sketch daily and rarely, if ever, will give in to being too tired or too busy.  But some days, a 5 minute sketch like this seems like a huge accomplishment.




Such a precious reindeer ready for the work ahead! Love the Iguana with your kiddo. (You are a better mom than I!)
Don't go too long without posting --I would miss you!

That reindeer image really grabbed me when it opened on my screen. There's something really powerful about it. He looks proud, strong, capable, full of dignity and just a little bit lonely. (How's that for projecting or anthropomorphizing!) But a painting that carries with it so many feelings seems like a powerful work to me. I admire your persistence in sketching even when you're exhausted. I did that my first year of sketchblogging and actually fell asleep in the middle of several sketches, with my pen still in hand, a streak down the page.

There really is no reason to ever again be afraid of sketching faces. Now that you have proven it, off you go ;-) The reindeer is a hit. Svenja

All your watercolors are beautiful, and the reindeer is especially well done! Great series!

I love the softness of your sketchings...in particular, the deer. Keep up the good work. As women, I think the stress has begun! Hopefully, drawing will help alleviate this!

Hi Shirley! Yes, busy is the word! It's like life has intensified exponetially!!! YIKES!

Love the reindeer - may I borrow one too?? LOL And the cats are adorable!!! My son loved iguanas as well --me, I'm not so fond -- but you're sketches are terrific!

Very sweet animal paintings....lovely gentle style. Darling little boy, too. Great work!

Great reindeer. With a wreath around his neck you have a perfect Christmas card. Very cute painting of the boy with the iguana. He looks happy.

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