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EDM Challenge #191: Draw Paper Money


Seemed very fitting to be drawing the back of this $10 bill while thinking about the historic House vote that hopefully will occur today....  Living in New York City, it is easy to see how lack of credit is going to affect the middle class as much as those that work in the financial district.  I'm excited about the possibility of keeping Mayor Bloomberg for 4 more years - to skillfully navigate the decreasing budget available to keep this amazing city afloat.  And I've never been one to endorse Republicans....

Re: the challenge:  This was hard work.  I was going to comment on how well Sandy had drawn both sides of a bill, when I looked at our new member's (Speck) drawing of many paper bills! 



Your bill looks great - actually you managed to make it beautiful! This is a fun challenge!

Well done, Shirley! I agree, this is a difficult challenge, but you always complete them so beautifully.

Great, Shirley. I like this one. (And, finally, had no problems getting on to your blog!)

Wow you rendered this so accurately - Fantastic, I have enjoyed seeing so many bills drawn - it did strecth the drawing muscles though didn't it?!

wonderful. Seeing yours and Sandy's makes me want to try this too.

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