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My Home Series: #5 Hyde Park, Chicago, Illinois

My husband and I were married midway through medical school, but lived in Philadelphia and Chicago until we graduated.  Then I joined him for post-grad training at the University of Chicago and we moved into our very first "adult" apartment together.  It was a lovely modern apartment in one of two buildings that sat on a landscaped island in the middle of E 55th Street.  Friends used to call it carbon monoxide island because the two lanes of traffic on E55th Street separated to go around the apartment complex.

 I have only a few photos from our years there - one taken during a snowstorm when the buildings were silhouettes and the other taken of just one corner of the building showing the architecture.  I'm not pleased with my page composition, but know how I will position these images when I work more on this series.





what a wonderful way to remember those bits of personal history and to be able tosave them for your kids and grand kids is really very special.

What a great idea! I'm sure your kids and grandkids etc. will cherish it! I love all your new work! Your shells etc!!!! Great watercolor sketches! Marva

I love your memory painting of Hyde Park. I am familiar with that area as well. Lived in Chicago area for the first 18 years of my life.
Enjoyed your blog, keep up the great work.

Hi Shirley -- My father, who is now in his 90s, attended the University of Chicago when I was a little girl. I remember summers in married student housing -- I can hear the chapel bells just thinking about it!

What a really neat idea! Looking forward to more.

That's a really cool idea! Nice sketch too, it already carries an atmosphere.

I know this building! My sister lives at 57th and Kenwood, and this is one we pass frequently. What a great idea to pass on to future generations, and how interesting that there are so many Chicago connections in a large group like EDM.

I hope we see more of these!

What a lovely idea!! The description with the sketch is great, too.

This is a delightful idea and what a legacy you will leave. I have made note and will surely "steal" your idea. Thanks for sharing.

This is a great series. The other day at a family gathering we had fun 'googling' the address' of our past homes and getting a street view of what the home look like now. It was fun to see what the present owners have done to them.

Yet another fabulous memory page, Your journals are such a treasure!

Shirley-As an expression of my admiration, I nominated you for an award. If you want to participate that's great--if not, I will still follow your wonderful art!

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