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JMW Turner at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

I didn't know that I liked J.M.W. Turner until I saw the Tate Britain "Hockney on Turner" exhibit of his watercolors last srping.  Now I'm really enjoying the Turner exhibit at the Met.  This is one of the few blockbuster exhibits at the Met in which sketching is not prohibited, so I try to quickly sketch one watercolor each time I visit and paint it later - trying to stay loose.  There are three complete rooms of watercolors interspersed among galleries full of his large oil paintings.  He has a very precise, very tight style in the early works in the first watercolor gallery. then a looser style in the second, and mere impressions of a burning Parliament in the big series of the fire in the third gallery.  Here are 4 small sketchbook paintings I did over the last few weeks.

St. Florent - le - Vieil on the River Loire: 1832


Inspired by The Burning Houses of Parliament: 1834  I originally painted this for the cover of my big Reference Photo DVD, but decided to collage it into my sketch book.


Lori and I sketched several Turner watercolors on our sketchcrawl on Saturday - and I just painted mine.

Venice, from the Porch of Madonna della Salute, 1835


Castle Conway: 1798-1800





Wow. I would so like to go to the Met to see this exhibt. But alas I'm on the other side of the US. I'll have to live vicariously through your experiences that you share and your lovely sketches and watercolors. cheers!

nice job shirley...am so jealous of those who have gone to see the turner exhibit...i have loved him for years...middle son saw it last week...and here i sit wishing in was in nyc at the met....

really like your interpretation of the fire....i think that one is my favorite...hard to believe he was painting in the 1700...always think hes a contemporary of the impressionists!!

What a wonderful way to experience great art, Shirley! I just bought a book on his watercolors, isn't he amazing?

These are really nice! I'm ashamed to say that I don't know Turner, but you made me curious, and I'm going to do some research right away!

Great sketches and very interesting post. I learned more about Turner. Thanks!!

This takes me back to sitting in that room at Tate Britain with you - working on our drawings of Turner drawings!

I'd love to see this exhibition - I think you sometimes see paintings afresh when seeing them in a different environment and it would be great to see all the ones from other galleries too.

Great sketching - but I was horrified to read that the Met don't normally let you sketch. Is that a ban on all sketching or just on anything which involves water or paint?

You know you turned me on to Turner and I just loved the exhibit at the Tate also. This would be another great exhibit to see! And what fun to have a buddy sketching with you!

Such a beautiful way to experience Turner, Shirley. I envy you.

You must have had a wonderful time with Katherine too, at the Tate. I didn't have time to sketch Turners drawings there but came away with two pieces of their tinted paper that I'm planning to try some of his watercolours on.

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