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EDM Challenges #180 and 181

EDM Challenge #180:  I had a really difficult time with Challenge #180 - Draw Something in Your Favorite Color.  I did a Color Project after being inspired by Laura several years ago and you can see both of our many entries by going to the category list on our blogs.  How could I possible select one color when I love them all and don't consider any drawing done until I add watercolor washes.  Then one evening my son sent me a photograph of my newest grandchild Annabelle's delicious pink feet.  It was then that I decided that I had to sketch and paint them for this challenge in honor of both of my grand daughters.  Sydney lives in a pink room with pink comforters and quilts and for years seemed to only want to wear pink clothes. 


EDM Challenge #181 Draw a Trash Can:  I couldn't find any interesting trash cans to draw until I walked around a corner in my office building and saw this behemoth - in a hallway where some room renovation was being done.  I wish the colors were more interesting!





These are both so nicely done but I have to say I love the pink baby feet!

from terrific little toes to the grey utilitarian forms that we all rely upon...Excellent!@

Love is the best color! The trash can is less cute but well done too : )

Lovely idea to do the baby feet and you sketched them wonderfully. The trash can is great too, but the baby feet .... so, so precious!

I love the pink feet! I have 4 boys and 1 girl, so we didn't have a lot of pink around our household, but now that I'm (cough) *older* I love the color pink. You have a great style.

Great sketches. I made a green quilt for my grandson and he liked green for years (still does at 13). Made a pink one for oldest granddaughter who loved pink till she turned tomboy. Yellow was next and it's that granddaughter's favorit ecolor. Last I made a multi-colored one and that girl chose blue as her favorite. Did what the babies saw early on influence them? Who knows but it seems likely. Enjoy and spoil those grandkids. They grow up so quickly! Faster than our own kids did and you know how fast they grew!

It's a really great grey trash can. What can you say about color if you want to get it the way you see it?

I agree -- the feet! The feet!! So softly rendered, Shirley -- so tender and loving!! Outstanding, my friend!

Hello! I found your blog via "The Happy Painter," and I love your work! The beach sketches especially appeal to me. Are you on FlickR?


Perfect, the pink toes cannot be beat, and then there is the garbage can, not as adorable :-) but very well done!!

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