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FABULOUS Birthday Present


My daughter and her husband gave me a book containing every entry to my blog from its inception through the Canada map on the first day of our recent Quebec vacation (almost 2 1/2 years).  I'm thrilled with this 250+ page book and will treasure it.  As the active mother of 3 children ages 4 and under, she outsourced the formating through <blurb.com>  You can see the same dust jacket on their website for the next day or two at:


The last two days I took a 10 hour case-in bookbinding class at Studio on the Square in New York City.  Two of us requested this special wc journal class and left with lots of knowledge and a beautiful book.  Although I recycled 7 books for watercolor, I wanted the option of making my own bookcovers and now I can!  The finished book is 7.25" by 11" and has handmade marblized paper for the endpapers.  Will it be too precious to use?  I hope not!


Wow! What a great gift!

That is so awesome Shirley! What a treasured gift for you and your family!

What a wonderful present, Shirley! Your drawings are gorgeous, and deserve this kind of treatment.

Shirley, only 250 pages?!!! *lol* That's such a fantastic, unique gift! She will never top this gift.

Your new, handmade, wc sketchbook sounds great, and I'm so glad you were able to take a course. It's not too precious to use because now you can make more!

I agree! This is truly the best gift ever!

What a most wonderful and touching gift, Shirley!!!! WOWOW!!! Congratuations on such a thoughtful family and a grand-glorious book!

What an amazing gift. How sweet of your daughter!

Happy Birthday Shirley!!!! And Wowsa, what a Wonderful, Thoughtful, Precious gift!!! Knowing how joyful your work is, I know the book is fabulous! It should be published!!!
And oh How I wish I could have taken the class with you!! Now you must share all that knowledge!!And post a picture of your new book!!

Oh Shirley, this is about the most wonderful gift I ever heard of!!! Your family is awesome!

This is so touching abd loving...I have tears in my eyes...What a tresure you are to your loved ones! Brava! :)

Oh wow, what a gift!
I hope blurb is easy to use, I have plans to use them myself in the near future.

Happy Birthday my friend!!!!! What a thoughtful gift from your family!!! Wow! What a treasure it will be for generations to come. You must feel so special! I wish you many, many more birthdays and may you fill a bookcase with your art books and lovely sketches.

what a wonderful gift, and that note inside the cover from your daughter, that is priceless!

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