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Every Day in May -14



 There is a new Superheroes Exhibit at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art - part original movie costumes and part fashion from the major designers inspired by the Superheroes.  My grand daughter Sydney and I saw it Saturday morning when we went to play with the Museum computers in the Education Center and she loved Clark Kent who morphed into Superman - and then back to Clark Kent, so we had to go back with brother Henry the next morning.  They were so cute - such little people in that big Museum.  All of my grandchildren learned how to walk better in the Temple of Dendur and regularly throw pennies into the pools there and the fountain in the new Greek and Roman Galleries.  This is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to spend time with them when they are staying with us during really cold or awful weather in the city. 


A fun post...and awesome spiderman sketch....great job

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day! Love your drawings.

Terrific superhero likenesses - and another great memory page for the journal concerning your Very Lucky grandchildren.

Oh noes! You've got me humming the wonderwoman theme tune now!!!! Ah the memories ;)

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