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Every Day in May - 15 and 16


May 15th:  Last week I bought a book entitled Seurat to Matisse: Drawing in France at the Strand book store in Manhattan.  It was an exhibit book published by MoMA in 1974 and part of a big batch of unsold books that now were for sale and just being shelved.  It was $3.95 in 1974 and $0.48 for me! I love sketching from Master drawings and just did my first one from this book.  Matisse did a very simple line drawing - I added watercolor washes.

MyMattiseGirl.jpg   MatisseGirl.jpg

Here is another recent drawing that I did from Egon Schiele's painting of his sister Gertie.  The styles are so very different and yet I had fun doing both of them.


May 16th:  Another ballet class and another in my series of dancers.  After class I pick up post-card advertisements for upcoming performances from the ballet studio for my inspiration and quickly sketch the dancers while I have a Diet Snapple Tea and kill some time before I need to pick up my grandson at nursery school.




Wow these are all very nice and delicate!

We've had rain here too. :(

Your Schiele is VERY Schiele!

ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS, Shirley!! I love the Mattise -- super super lines!! And the life drawing -- FANTASTIC!

oh the washes on the middle drawing are beautiful!!!! It's amazing to me how many colors the human form has. Love this!

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