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Last Every Day in May - 23

We are in Quebec City and Montreal for vacation - see everyone in June.  The first page of the recycled book that I made for this trip is a map of Quebec Province and I hope to really play and have fun on every page! 


Been enjoying your May day postings. Wish you happy holiday and sketching in Canada.

Have a great holiday!

You have some great stuff here - I'm going to bookmark your blog and check back in June. Have a great trip!

Happy sketching in Canada!

See you when you get back...enjoy and bring back lost of sketches!

Oh have a fabulous trip and I will eagerly await the sketches.

I'll be watching for the sketches! Enjoy your trip.

Just had to say hello - I returned last Monday from a trip to Rome/Cortona/Florence so when I happened upon your blog about re-locating to Tuscany I had
to take some time to visit your site. I live just off the island of Montreal in Hudson and it just happens to be as you are visiting our Province. I'll look forward to seeing your sketches and invite you to visit my blog at jools2.blogspot.com. Perhaps we can exchange sketches someday too!

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