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Eternal Ancestors Exhibit

Today I had an hour to go back to the Eternal Ancestry exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to sketch the wonderful faces on these Reliquaries.  They are 1-2 feet in height - some are full figures, but most are just heads on a standard base.  They are mostly earthcolors with some gold, bronze, silver, and even feathers. 

I walked through with my Moleskine watercolor notebook and walnut brown Albrecht Durer watercolor pencil and just sketched pieces that I really liked.  The digital photo image below shows all of the faces across a double page spread in the Moleskine.  I originally intended to add water, but then started using the pencil for small details meaning these strokes would be lost if I painted over the pencil. 


Here is the first page in more detail  (scanned):


      Here is the second page in more detail (scanned):


I wasn't at all sure what would happen if I sprayed these pages with Fixative, so I sketched another page with another mask and tried it.  There was no running or smearing of the color - and in fact I couldn't get the pencil to rewet so I could add color. 

The exhibit doesn't close until March 2nd, so I hope to have time to sketch more of these beautiful 19th and 20th C. sculptures from Central Africa.



These are WONDERFUL! You captured such amazing expression..what a fun time you must have had drawing these. I enjoyed your other posts too. Especially the ballet dancer... how wonderful that you take classes! I did that years ago... as a kid and again in my 20's. Dance classes are such a great way to stay in shape.

What interesting pieces Shirley. I hope someday to join you on these sojourns into the Met. What a treat that would be!

These are stunning Shirley, and you achieved amazing detail- hopefully you have sprayed these so they will not smudge.

These look so cool -- I bet they were a TON of fun to draw! I like that you didn't add color.

BEAUTIFULLY DONE, Shirley!! I love your sandwich too!! YUMMY! Love the variations of the museum pieces ---!!

What a good idea to sketch masks! These are great.

Wow what fun drawings! Makes me want to make some masks of my own ...

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