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EDM Challenge #155: Draw Stairs


New York City Brownstones are really red-brown and have wonderful, decorative columns and porches for their front stairs.  This sketch was made from a photo that I took in the East 80s during the spring (hence the flowers blooming so nicely). 


these entrances look beautiful...so elegant!

Wonderful stonework! What I really love is that the steps are minimal, just peeking out of the picture.

This is fabulous, Shirley. I really admire your architectural drawings. Your perspectives are just perfect.

I love this perspective Shirley, brownstones are so charming and you have captured a nice slice here!

Oh, this is really nice. And the flowers are the perfect touch :)

Very nice. I love your work and this challenge is no exception. I think this is actually one of my favorites, along with your UK drawings.

I love this one. It has such personality and charm, along with being drawn really well.

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