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EDM Challenge #154: Draw a Lemon


EDM Challenge #154: Draw a Lemon

I wanted to try to capture the moist cut surface of the lemon and used Masking Fluid to create the appearance of membranes.  I need to learn to use even a thinner application tool !  I love lemon flavor and wish I had time to make lemon squares with this lemon before bed! 


Yumm, lemon square. Says spring to me so just a wee bit early. Never too early for a terrific lemon w/c sketch. I lOVE your response to the lemon challange. Extremely well done!

I'm on this gouache kick that I saw these and am imagining them in gouache! LOL! This is an excellent drawing and I love the highlight in the uncut lemon as well. You convey the roundness and textured skin very convincingly! I have a tree full of lemons but never have made lemon sqaures....hummm...I'm sure I can find a recipe and make some up tomorrow!!! If you have a favorite recipe for them you are welcome to send it my way.

So light and fresh, beautiful! And I love the bluish shadows showing the form, and the label you pasted in. Brilliant!

Lovely drawing/painting.

Very nice lemons! I can smell them.

These are amazingly bright and lively - and your whole lemon is exceptional! And you could have skated this week as last week's challenge included lemons in your sketch too ;-)

Very fresh and lemony!
(Did you say lemon squares? YUM! Are they made yet?)

Nice lemons, Shirley. As for thinner masking lines, I've found using a toothpick or a small crochet hook to apply mask works pretty well, and is lots easier to clean than a brush.

Beautiful lemons, Shirley.

Delightful and fresh, just like the lemons. Great job.

Oh so bright and sunny! Lovely lemons. And I like the sticker too :)

Great capture of the freshness of these lemons and especilly the cut halves.

Very nice and I love the price tag also!

Nicely done Shirley. It looks delicious! And lemon squares would be yummy. . . ever mail them to California? ; >

Yes, your lemons look, well, lemony! They are bright and convincing. Saving the white was a great idea.

Great painting!

Great lemons. For some reason, the lemons that are in my head for that challenge are in watercolour (not sure why, since I'm not a skilled watercolourist) and this is exactly how I'd want them to look!

I LOVE yoru stairs, Shriley!!! SO so nicely don e-- but those lemons just are superb!!! Rich, yellow, bright ... makes my mouth water! And the soft curves of the dancer -- awesome!

I love your blog so much I could move in! I am charmed by your style! Lisa

As a crazed collector of fruit labels and lover of lemons this sketch rings all my bells :)

First of all I wanted to congratulate you for the wonderful blog and all of your excellent drawings. I'm making a recipe book for my great grandmother's 91st!!! birthday and would love to include her beautiful drawings of food and of her dishes (made with coloring pencils). The problem is that I can't seem to get a great result with my scanner. What technique do you use to make your drawings look this amazing (I can actually see the texture of the paper!)?.

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