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Art Supply Shopping Day

I had a completely free day on Wednesday - no work or family activities - or required errands.  For a full week I've been planning a slow leisurely trip to Pearl Paints on Canal Street in Manhattan.  Since I have not carried my recycled NY sketch book with me recently, I brought it and no other paper, 

As soon as I got off the subway I decided to sketch a roofline and water tank - one of my favorite NYC icons.  Then I browsed all 6 floors of Pearl Paints - picking up art supplies for my grandchildren and small new items for me (they have open stock Albrecht Durer WC pencils I can't resist).  I think I was in there more than 3 hours!  At lunch at Pain Quotidienne in Soho, I sketched a few of my new supplies and then a wall unit facing me in the restaurant.  What a wonderful day - full of inspiration and needed mind clearing relaxation. 

The map that is on the edge of each page is a piece of the end paper that I used for this recycled book that I used to cover the gap between the signatures.  The two pages were actually sketched on two different types of wc paper - I'm growing to love HP, tolerate CP, and hate rough!





Shirley, it's so nice to read about your wonderful day at Pearl Paints and environs. You sound very revitalized! And it's such fun to see the sketches you made, too.,

What a great day and super sketches, I wouldn't mind doing that! I'm really impressed with an art store having 6 floors - are there many big art stores like that over there or is that unusually big?

these are two great sketches Shirley! I love the map covering the signatures...it looks so cool!

Oh Shirley, what FUN, I wish I had been with you - I will Have to Visit Pearl Paint some day as I am sure I Need things :-) And finding inspiration is "priceless" . Your sketches show your enthusiasm!! We all need such a relaxing, satisfying day!

Nice sketches! Three hours of hanging out in an art store is fun, especially if you don't need everything available. A large haul is exciting, but a few colored pencils can be just as exciting. New toys!

Uuuu... art supplies ... heaven!

Your 'maps' are strangely endearing .... maybe you can incorporate the map into your next drawing ...

What a marvelous day! Glad you had such fun!
I like your journal pages --- thanks for the note re: types of paper. I was wondering what type I want to use for my first try at journal making.

I love these sort of days. I've made a mental note of the six floors and if I actually manage to get out to NYC then I'm allowing at least half a day..........

Great sketches as usual.

How great to read about your art day and see such wonderful sketches! Years ago I made many trips to NYC and Pearl Paint was always one of the places I made sure to visit to stock up on supplies. Seeing your sketches brought back some great NYC memories - I know that watertower view! Thanks for sharing:)

What I would do to spend a day with you like that! I have always loved your NYC sketches and so cool how you incorporate the end paper into your signatures. I'll have to try that next time. I think I must come to NY and meet up with you and Sandy and bring Casey and Ronell over and drag Deborah and Dianne with me too! I love this post and hearing about your shopping trip!!! I don't think I've ever been in an art store that was over 2 stores high!

Very nice work! What a blessed day you had to shop till you dropped and come home to play with your new tools!

I really like your drawing style and am happy to see another quilter/fiber artist drawer in the group.

A 6 floor art supply store?! I have lived in the sticks too long.....

Fantastic sketches, Shirley - and what a great day!!! I love the inclusion of the maps too! Did I ever tell you that I once lived in Far Rockaway??


Thank you so much for trying to help me with my stool search! I did look at Pearl, couldn't find what I was after. Then I did a search for the actual item and found one on Amazon, that I ordered.

Sounds like a GREAT day! I love your sketches and the end papers too!

These are fantastic.

Oh my, SIX floors! Three hours could hardly have been enough. I bet they have all the things I can't find here.

Your recycled books is beautiful and unique, Shirley. Someone should copy it commercially as a travel journal.

Lovely cityscape as usual! And those latest lemons have my mouth watering.

Great sketches! Is there anything more inspiring than browsing through an art store? What a lovely day. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Oh, I love your sketches of NYC and the description of Pearl Paints - what a treat! Lovely work.

Shirley, I haven't had a chance to check in for a bit, you have been busy! I LOVE your pistachios, they are so well done, and I love the lemons as well. These drawings and the description of your day, though, are so fantastic. Hours wandering through Pearl and Dick Blick and a stop at Le Pain Quotidien - oh, how I miss New York!

I agree with the others, the maps look great in there, I like the contrast of the strong colours in the map and your signature soft-touch colours. I think you should incorporate maps more often as well!

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