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EDM Challenge #151 (?): #123 Draw a Bell and Give it a Holiday Twist


My original sketch for EDM Challenge #123 was a stuffed bear with bell that my two sons brought back to me from their trip to Alaska.  They had an opportunity to use "bear bells" in some of their camping sites, although they never could prove to me that they work.   

My bell transformed for the holiday is another Christmas ornament - a large white jingle bell was used as the base and head, wings, and legs were then attached. 


This is so cute and very creative. My youngest daughter loved the duck.

Very sweet!

This "bell" and the other ornament paintings are quite charming. Enjoyed reading your goals, too. OMG, tomorrow is Jan. 1! Must get busy on my own goals...Happy New Year to you! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work in the coming year.

This is lovely! I'm totally impressed by your goals for 2008 and am looking forward to seeing it all on these pages. Happy New Year!

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