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More Figure Drawing Practice: September

I continue to sketch figures - from many different types of images - for practice.  Some are inspired by famous artists, others are from photographs in current periodicals.  The only thing that can be said is that I probably am not destined to work in a series anytime soon!  My tastes are too eclectic and I like to try a little of everything.

Picasso One-Liner:  Taken from a small book of his that I covet.


Contour Drawing of a Fashion Photograph as I work on Contour Drawings for exercises in a Charles Reid book [The Natural Way to Paint]:


Yoga Photos:  I'm still working from photos in the very small second-hand yoga book that I bought last year.


Inspired by Donald Hamilton Fraser's series of Dancers that I purchased at the Royal Academy of Art in London:


Fashion Sketch:  Taken from a Bloomingdale's Newspaper Ad to try these techniques and proportions.


Leonardo and Venezia:  Copied from a set of cards that I bought from Palazzo Grassi in Venice.  These were sketched in my Michaelangelo Sonnets recycled book so some of the Michaelangelo sketches are included on the paper that I glued in to cover the gap between signatures.  These were some strange, but interesting faces!



My Feet:  My only drawing from life! 


Roman Statue from the Metropolitan Museum of Art:


I'm interested to see what October brings.  My choice of subjects on nights when I do my daily sketch is very spontaneous - and fortunately I have collected some images that I keep near my sketchbook so I can play with them.




Such wonderful sketches...all of them. I think it is a good thing to take on everything and anything...it forces the eye to really observe, there is always time later on for series and things. you've done great work here and I particularly like your dancer where you've captured nice mood.

oh wow! so many faces of humanity! I love the one from the royal academy and the leonardo and venetzia......the goddess...well I do love goddess'...humm..wonder why? I am on the final stretch before we leave and have no time to enjoy my sketching or painting...perhaps once I'm on my way I will feel free to just play!

Your figures have so much grace, Shirley. My absolute favorite is the fourth, which is just loaded with emotion, but I love them all. I think it's the quality of your line that gives a certain serenity to the figure. I like the idea of drawing from other art works - I have to remember to do more of it!

YOur figure drawings are lovely. I especially love the fashion contour drawing one. You have great economy of line.

Your sketches are wonderful and so full of life. I especially like the contour drawing, it has such energetic lines.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, you're one of my first visitors since I finally was able to get my site working again!

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