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EDM Challenge #137: Draw Something That Turns ON and OFF


There is nothing that I appreciate more than my programmable coffee pot.  The coffee is ready every morning when I wake up and I thoroughly enjoy my first mug of coffee of the day while slowly waking up and planning the day's activity.     


SUPER JOB, Shirley!!! I couldn't agree more about the preset coffee pot!!! I LOVE the soft way you've rendered the composition!

Wow - it looks like you did this drawing before the coffee was actually made! This is a great sketch, Shirley, I love the way you've pulled it all together.

I agree- this is the most crucial of all things possessing 'On' and 'Off' Switches. And using the timer thing to preset a coffee pot? Brilliant! Mine doesn't have an auto start feature...but I DO have a timer floating around here somewhere!

Your AM Coffee looks great :)

Oh I love it! I had fun doing my pot last week! I guess it could be one of the challenges as well! I am sitting here savoring my 2nd cup as I peruse in my bathrobe everyone's latest masterpieces!

Wonderful job on this Shirley!!

What a neat drawing!

Great job on this sketch...you actually had me go and make a coffee first before I continued reading here AND it is 23:30!! I am VERY fussy about my coffee...strong, with a nice layer of "dark la creme" on top, a drop of milk, no sugar and hot!

Yay! You're right -- that's one of the BEST on/off switches in the house! Great job on this!

A wonderful coffee pot indeed and beautifully rendered too ~ :)

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