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More Figure Drawing Practice

One of my Art Goals for 2007 is to practice drawing people - real people, photos of people, photos of nude models, and Greek-Roman statues.  Here are a few sketches from August.



This sketch was made from a photo in a pregnancy magazine that is distributed at the medical school.  There are great photos of babies and pregnant women in the advertisements!


These two folks were sitting separately reading at the Cafe at the Toy Boat Pond in Central Park.  I loved her hat and then needed to find a suitable male wearing a hat for balance! 


This was sketched from a photo in my Nude Models for Artists book.  Although the graphite smudging doesn't show up on the watercolor paper, it really does in the scan.  This is one of the liabilities of being left-handed for sure.


A sketch from the Greek and Roman galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I went on my own Sketchcrawl today and did 3 projects that I planned for my next museum visit.  The New York group was meeting at South Street Seaport for their Worldwide Sketchcrawl - and it is a hot, humid day.  The Museum. in contrast, was beautifully cooled....  Ah, I'm getting old and fussy!


Love those sketches.

They are all lovely but I especially like the one of Aphrodite.

A great job with the smiles on the first sketch. I find it so hard to do smiling faces. The second sketch is my favorite...especially the woman with the hat. I like that you left her 'faceless' because I can picture myself...oh so elegant! And you are right on with the wonderful contrast of the man with the cap. Your figure studies are nice as well and I only wish I lived near naked statues because it looks like it's great practice. Glad to see you back too! I've missed you!

Lovely as ever, the hat lady is most intriguing and how I remember our day at the boat pond! I think your figures are quite good. You could probably capture familiar faces I believe!

The Aphrodite sketch is beautiful! All your figure sketches are really good, and I also like how you left the hat lady faceless and let the hats be the focal point. That makes it really interesting. Nice work as always.

I think your goals are great and very reachable. These sketches are wonderful. You're right, the more you practice the better you will abe able to achieve your goals. Great work.

I like this web site it's a master piece! Glad I found this on google.

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