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London Terrace House

                           25 Royal Ave.size.jpg

I finally painted our "2006-2007 London Home"  at 25 Royal Ave, Chelsea.  We were so fortunate to have 6 wonderful trips to visit our daughter, her husband, and 2 children and even were there when their 3rd baby was born prematurely in December.  We spent a total of 3 months visiting - approximately 2 weeks every 2 months - except when we rushed over one week early in December for the baby for a total of 3 weeks.  They have moved back to New York and we don't know who is living in this lovely home now.  We will always have wonderful memories from the time we spent there.

This was painted on Fabriano 9 X 12" 140 lb extra white HP paper.  It was the first time that I used it and I love it!


Shirley, this is fantastic! I love the way you added color sparingly (I realize the house is white) ---everything looks so crisp and clean. What a great memento of this special year for your family.

Beautiful drawing and a wonderful way to preserve a special memory--it will last a lifetime!

Shirley, this is a simply wonderful entry - lovingly recreated with a beautiful, simple touch and heartworming story - I am sure grandbaby #3 will like to look back to it's first home too. simply lovely! I have some Fabriano Artistico extra white that Kate recommened I use to make journals although I think it is 90# I will have to get going with it!

This is wonderful! Love the composition and your use of color. I'm always impressed with your skills with architecture.

I know you're happy to have them back home, but I hope it's not the end of your London trips.

This looks beautiful and so do your figure drawings in the earlier post.

Oh, this is beautiful, Shirley. Your drawing style fits the subject so perfectly, and the light touches of color work really well.

Shirley, I love the way you use line sparingly, especially with buildings. You capture the essence of the thing. Really nice!!

Just beautiful Shirley! And such fond memories. As you said, it is always good to be back home. Love how you commemorate your trips abroad.

Nicely done!

WONDERFUL sketching, Shirley! And more -- fabulous memories -- all tied in words and art .. what a gift! And how sweet to have your family so close once again ....

Lovely sky. I've been trying to get some of this paper but no luck so far.

Lovely painting. I'm another fan of your architectural sketches.

This is beautiful, Shirley! And it will keep your memories alive, too. Beautiful work!

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