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EDM Challenge #129: Draw a Person Doing Something


I really tried sketching my grandson Henry's face in this sketch - done from a photo taken of him just as he turned 3 last summer in London.  And in spite of my efforts to improve figure/face sketching in 2007 - it was scarey!  I think I might have been able to add a generic face, but I'm going to stay away from people that I know and love for now.  The next photo in the sequence has him winding up, leg raised like a real major league pitcher ,to throw the ball.  Baseball is big in their house!   


Great work Shirley - your work on the arms and fingers is right on! I agree totally about family members features - maybe someday!

CUTE AS CAN BE, Shirley!! And I so know about those faces!! I do back of heads!! LOL

Even without the face, you've really captured the action. We know exactly what's going on. This is a great sketch!

Shirley - this is really good. It's true about faces of people you know - it's twice as hard because of the pressure to get it right!

You've caught that 'waiting' perfectly - I don't miss the face at all.

Great sketch, shirley! It reminds me of an endearing song from Kenny Rogers(I think?) - Little boy - listen to the words. This is the little boy he sings of..adorable!

Actually without the face it gives it a bit of unique interest. I think the viewer's mind will attach a face to it. Great sketch, tho.

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