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EDM Challenge #128: View Through a Doorway


I actually did EDM Challenge #129 before this one.  I walked around and around the apartment looking for a view that I felt like drawing.  Some views were boring, some too challenging, some not blog material (bathrooms).  This is the view from my dining room to a tiny stretch of counter space in my kitchen.  The perspective isn't as wonky as it looks - the counter actually is slanted and there are triangular shelves above it where we keep espresso pots and a few favorite cups.  Our coffee pot and cannister of coffee take top billing on this stretch of counter!   


This is beautifully done Shirley, the perspective is
"dead on" and the shelves do appear triangular, just perfect (the door too!!) Very Nicely done and I know, I have been a guest in your gorgeous apartment.

Love this!

This drawing makes me feel like I'm a guest in your abode. Very welcoming and 'familiar'-feeling for some reason. Maybe it's because I am a coffee lover, too. (There are alot of devices for making/drinking coffee in this scene!)
This is a perfect example of why I enjoy seeing other people's 'takes' on the EDM challenges. I get a totally unique view of an everyday scene I would never have otherwise seen.

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