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London Visits: Part 27


We took Henry and Sydney to the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood this week.  The interactive displays are wonderful for children their age.  This is 2 1/2 year old Sydney who "dressed up" in a picture hat, one ladies shoe from 1870 and another from the early 1900s - and then clopped back to the fire engine so she could drive it.

The Museum also had an exhibit of Picasso animal drawings and lots of interactive activities for slightly older children.  I love to use his drawings for inspiration - and skill building.



Wonderful - I really love Sydney in the hat! Enjoy the rest of your visit in London.

I saw these in person on Tuesday!!! Lovely to see them with the watercolour applied.

Shirley - I've done both posts now - one on each blog! ;) The Turner exhibitions are on Making A Mark and our sketching over lunch is on Travels with A Sketchbook.

What a sweet post of Sydney, one she will enjoy years later as well. Picasso - oh how I would love to see that exhibit!! Sounds like you are having a glorious time all around! Keep sketching!

I love visiting your sketchbook and envy you so much, being able to see these things.

Hi Shirley, I've been really enjoying your London trip posts - words and pictures. I'm guessing that you may have heard that while you've been in the country we have had a change of Prime Minister. It's hard to ignore the bashing he's already getting from our tabloids. Don't know how long you have left in the capital but I just thought I'd tell you there is a wonderful portrait of the new man Gordon Brown in the National Portrait Gallery. It is a black and white photo and when I went there recently I just had to keep going back to look at it. It shows a differnet side to the man who the media want to portay as dull boring grey etc. It's a very enigmatic portrait in my opinion. Just thought you may like to know! Have a great trip, Andrea.

Sounds like a really cool place to spend the day! Your drawing of Sydney is so playful and memorable of childhood. Great job!

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