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Exercise in Looseness: #2 Central Park West NYC



It was a beuatiful cool, sunny morning last Sat and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art rooftop sculpture garden to read for 2 hours(needed to work on the 500+ page book I have for Book Group tonight).  While reading I took approximately 20 minutes to sketch these towers on the building at 74-75th St and used watercolor pencils to add color.  The 4 pencils I used are listed in the paint samples.   It was liberating not to worry about all of the windows - and not to really try to capture all of the architectural detail.  When I enlarged my digital photo on the computer screen at home, I could really see how complex the towers are.


FABULOUS, Shirley -- WELL WELL DONE! I so know how difficult it is to 'leave out' the details . but I think you managed to include just enough to be wonderful!

lovely job as usuall....and if you like it who cares about the windows??? only you know they arent there...well till you told US:>

This is a wonderful sketch! Nice and easy....you did a good job with those W/C pencils...soft colors, and I like the way the slant of your strokes shows a bit on the building...adds interest instead of "flat", even, color. I must make a point to get up there some day!

I've always admired the amount of detail you have managed in some of your drawings, but this one is a perfect example of not needing too many details. Sometimes I have to think about how much the pen width can handle, and that alone will delete details. Love the looseness of your drawing and your use of color.

Wow well done Shirley, these look wonderful.

Beautiful job -that's plenty of detail!

These are all very nice; you clearly are developing your own unique style!

LOVELY stuff, Shirley, what a great time you must be having!

You make me long to see NYC again. I've only been twice and jsut for long weekends...but I fell in love with the city the moment I felt the vibrtions under my feet...indescribable! Your sketches fill me with desire!!!! and here I live in stuccoed suburbia!

I used to have a professor who said the most important thing about drawing was knowing what to leave out. Come to find out it's also the hardest, but you've obviously mastered it. Lovely sketch.

This is neat. I love seeing good drawings of buildings.

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