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Ballet Dancers

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One of the joys of my visits to the Royal Academy of Arts in London is seeing the prints of Donald Hamilton Fraser's ballet dancers in the Museum Shop.  I purchased a "postcard book"  with 18 of his postcard size prints of dancers during one of my visits and I tried to capture his sketches in ink with watercolor washes as part of my figure drawing exercises.  I love ballet, I love dancers, I love sketches and painting of dancers, and especially his prints which I knew nothing about before visiting the Royal Academy this year.


They are just so lovely.

Shirley, I can tell you love these dancers just by how wonderfully accurate you sketch them. They are beautiful!

These are absolutely charming, Shirley. I can see why you fell for them. I haven't seen the originals, so yours are original to me.

These are sooo pretty, shirley. You have a very delicate line quality, which is all your own, and a nice, light touch with color.


These are lovely! I think your delicate application of the color really makes them so nice.

Shirley - your lovely ballet dancers post has inspired me to drop into the portrait gallery - they have ( as far as I remember) black and white photographic portrait postcards - and I might try to work from a few of those and see what happens...

I really love the ballet and when I have the opportunity to go to a theatre to see a production, I spend most of my time looking at the line the arms or legs make and forget the story! I would love to be able to paint/draw a ballet dancer mid dance, but it's a problem finding a volunteer to pose!

Hello Shirley,
these are wonderful Sketches! I like the one on her knees the most!
Kind regards from

I love the ballet dancers! Wonderful poses, faces and colors. Brava...!

This is so inspiring. I wish I had more time to try it. I love the themes you are exploring and the way each book is developing.

I like the ballet dancers they are very well done. The color scheme is fluid and I really like the one on her knees. Your art is very easy on the eyes. You certainly seem to be able to appreciate good art.

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