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Sunday Afternoon at the Guggenheim New York


We visited the Guggenheim Sunday afternoon to see the El Greco to Picasso exhibit before it closes on March 24th.  What huge crowds!  The lighting was wonderful - a combination of light from the skylight in the rotunda and the lights over each painting.  I was captivated by the view across the open center and stood along the balcony to sketch the scene.  I had to reduce the number of people in my sketch in order to really see the paintings.  The half circle in the center of the sketch is an open area overlooking a small adjoining gallery below.

I then quickly visited a few of my favorites in the permanent collection and sketched this small portion of Camille Pissaro's painting Hermitage at La Pointoise.  I love rooftop scenes and ! was looking for something to paint using a single color triad: cadmium red, Winsor blue, and Winsor lemon. 



FANTASTIC, Shirley!! Oh -- The last time I was at the Guggenheim I was in high school! GREAT job on that -- and the houses -- BELLA!!!!!

What beautiful paintings these are. The colors are so lovely and delicate. I really like these.

I love these drawings, the colors are great. I like that all the colors are kind of muted, they go well together.

Have been away from checking people's blogs recently and its wonderful to be back to catch up on yours!

Beautiful sketches! That first one could ONLY be the Guggenheim ... It brings back wonderful memories of my two trips to NYC ... even though stupidly, on my first visit I spiralled my way round the G from bottom to top, instead of thinking to do it the easier way...

What was the theme/thread running through "El Greco to Picasso"? Was the exhibition limited to Spanish painting?

Great drawings. Great job drawing in a crowded space. I like the color palette you used.

Shirley, these are truly wonderful! I absolutely love them both, but the one of the Guggenheim is my favorite - I love the way you've used figures in them, and the limited palette has worked really well for you. I'm going to try that.

THanks for the birthday greeting, and for bringing us along to the Guggenheim in this post. I think much of the art museum experience is the exquisite setting. And you ambitiously took it on and made it work!

I love the muted colours - beautiful work!!

I am soooo jealous! What a wonderful exhibition and experience. You captured it perfectly.

These are both wonderful. I especially like the scene from the Guggenheim as you really are able to experience the museum (the whole museum in a sense) through it. Thanks for taking me along with you.

Shirley - your sketches are getting better and better. I was riveted by your Guggenheim one - it's quite mesmerising - I can well understand why you chose to do it. I must go and find an image of the Pissaro - I think I know the one you've drawn. Lovely colours

I really enjoyed your Guggenheim sketch. You captured the angle of the ramp and your people are great.

Gosh both of these are brilliant. I love th colours you have used - and great perspective on both.

Shirley, that is a wonderful sketch of the Guggenheim! I would have been so intimidated by the swooping architecture, but you just dove right in and did it! Your sketches are getting finer and finer.

Wow! These are amazing. Such sure lines and great perspective on the Guggenheim and the rooftop sketch from the painting is great.

Great compositions, these two - you really are improving. I love getting these sights of London through you ,and Katherine.

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