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EDM Challenge 109: Draw a Clock


My husband and I love sitting in the front seat, on the upper deck, of a #11 bus as it winds it's way between King's Road Chelsea and Trafalgar Square/Strand, London.  We are on vacation when we are in London and have lots of time to really look at all of the buildings - which all look so cool from our aerial position.  I "examined" this clock on the front of the west entrance to Westminster Abbey during every busride, thinking about how much I would love to sketch it.  I had practically memorized all of the details - and therefore sketching from one of my photos was easier and more pleasurable.  I used my W-N gold gouache again for the gold on the clock.  Since I sketched it in my WC Moleskine, I had to simplify the center section of the clock because of space and it is not accurate!


GORGEOUS, Shirley!!!

Hi.I love your clock...has a lot of character and I have the feeling I will hear the bell any minute...
Nice drawing

I love your clock but thought sure you would do Big Ben :)

Now THIS is a clock! This is a beautiful drawing. The shadows are great, colors are striking, proportions are good, and it's altogether excellent. You did a really nice job with the architectural elements.

Your drawings are all wonderful. This is my first visit to your page and I am impressed and inspired. Impressed by your talent and inspired that you were so prolific. Very nice.

I knew you'd have a wonderful old clock for this challenge. This is such a rich drawing.

Oh, I missed this one when oyou put it up! just lovely. I do like your colours, shirley! I'm still searching for that perfect palette.

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