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Figure Drawing Practice


I would never have thought of photos of yoga classes/instruction books for my figure drawing practice during 2007.  But Christeen http://christeensblog.blogspot.com/ on the EDM group has some great yoga sketches that she did and I found a perfect second hand book to use for photo images.  I won't stop sketching ballet dancers, although I don't upload many of them because I'm copying sketches by Donald Hamilton Fraser that I bought at the Royal Academy of Art.  I love his style and wanted to try to learn from him through studying his dancers - all of whom are caught during moments between practice or performance sessions.  Here are a few of the first sketches of yoga poses.



These are great sketches Shirley? And each of them says 'yoga' so well. Now I am curious to see your ballet dancers :)

what a GREAT job, Shirley!! I love the way you've done the figures -- and the poses!! VERY VERY NICE!

I'd like to see the ballet dancers as well. I was fascinated to learn that Dagas painted a lot of his ballet dancers from photos. Lovely confident lines in these yoga sketches, Shirley. ciao

I would've never thought to use yoga poses for fig exercises, but that's a great idea. These are wonderful sketches!

I thought Christeen's idea was great too, but haven't had time to get round to it! I'm glad you have, these are really good. As are you watercolours -- such a nice subtle use of colours! I have to get round to trying them out sometime too sigh ...

These are really nice, Shirley. Using yoga books is an excellent idea. I'm going to see what I can find of Frazier online. The portrait you've done is really nice too!

I'm glad you found a good second hand book! These are really cool- did you find yourself thinking about trying some of the asanas while you were going through your book, drawing them? I like the colors- these are really neat figure studies :) The one of the man on the bottom right- wow- you can feel thae stretching and reaching!

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