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London Visits: Part 22 - Elephants and Admiralty Arch


We found this wonderful "Drawings" exhibit at Petley Fine Art on Cork Street and I fell in love with the Elephants.  I didn't record the name of the artist, but I suddenly developed the need to sketch elephants.  My husband and I went to the Natural History Museum several days later to fulfill this need and I sketched both elephant exhibits. 



Both of these sketches were done with a Derwent Sketching Medium Wash pencil - 4B.  I loved using it and can't wait to see the effect of using water to create a wash.  I'm sorry that I didn't do the sketches in pen - next time!

Yesterday we went to the Mall Galleries for the first time.  It was the first time that we went through Admiralty Arch since many, many years ago.  I took a photo for this sketch because it was raining most of the time we were there.



Lovely job, Shirley, and what fun! Wish I could have been there...


Wowee, those elephants are fabulous!! You have made me want to do some too.

You get so much detail in your buildings that I feel like I am standing in front of them. Just great.

You are having just too much fun, I can tell. The elephants are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your trip as you go along. I signed up for a sketch trip in Provence in the fall and now I just can't wait. I love your work. Thanks again for sharing.

nice drawings...arent elephants the most interesting thing to draw...and you can go back over them with pen...and erase the pencil

The elephants are just wonderful. I have never had the chance to travel, but now that I ahve seen your sketch book, when I do (and I will!) I'll be taking mine along to record the sites. Thanks so much for sharing these, it's wonderful.

Shirley, I'm really impressed. These drawings are excellent - I love the elephants!

Every time I come out of the Mall galleries I think i really ought to sketch Admiralty Arch - and then - about two second lster - I think 'next time'! This is super Shirley - I'm very impressed!

Your elephant drawings are great! Plus elephants are fun to draw. It's so nice to be going to a drawing exhibit.

The Mall Gallery one is amazing, so detailed, so amazing. And the elephant ones just tug at my heart! My mom loves elephants, I have to show her your sketch!!

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