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London Visit: Part 18 - British Museum


I'm about to enter the British Museum to see the exhibit "The Past From Above" - 100 aerial photos of the major archeologic sites of the world.  In addition to the photos they had artifacts from the British Museum to supplement some of the images.  This photo of me shows my brown leather backpack with sketchbook and map in the back and small digital camera in a black leather pouch on the front.  This has been a successful way for me to be a grandmother and tourist while sketching quickly and taking lots of reference photos.

Moche Pottery.size.jpg

I was very attracted to these 3 pieces of Moche pottery that were together in a case next to an aerial photo from Peru.  I sent my husband off for 30 minutes to work on a New York Times crossword puzzle from his pocket and sketched as quickly as I could.  I was in such a hurry that I actually sketched it upside down in the journal.  The watercolor was added at home using a reference photo that I took in front of the case.  We returned from London yesterday so this journal page was scanned, not photographed.  It was another great visit and I brought home many reference photos that I hope to use for sketches in my recycled Elizabeth I book.


OOOh! You are standing about 5 minutes away from where I live!!!!! I scoot across this courtyard once or twice a week to mooch around in the BM. Apart from the wonderful exhibits, they also do a nice hot chocolate for when I'm feeling particularly in need of comfort!!!


What a neat photo of you-love the backpack with the sketchbooks sticking out. You sketch like I do--on the run and finish later.

How funny that Jules lives 5 minutes from where you were.

Good drawing, Shirley. Sketching enhances the enjoyment of museum trips, I'm sure of it!

This is my first visit to your blog, Shirley! I really enjoy it and could spend a lot of the morning reading all you have been up to this last year!
I have a Bernina 1030 too! I had a quilt shop for 11 years...am posting my quilts from the last 30 years, slowly...as I find the photos.
Doing the sketch each day is wonderful...you really have an archive of memories and artistic developement to look back on. I have a moleskine and I paint watercolor and acrylic paintings...whenever I can quit visiting blogs and working on my blog!
Enjoy your time in London!

I can see why you were drawn to them (pardon the pun). THey are wonderful--I love the little animal on the headdress on the one on the right. The watercolor addition came out really nicely too.

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