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EDM Challenge #89: Draw a Button



I have 100s of buttons in my studio from my many, many years of sewing.  When we lived in Texas I bought an old English oak button cabinet to use as a side table, and the buttons that I sketched tonight were some of the lovely metal buttons that came with that table.   Each one has a very intricate design, regardless of how small.   The two largest buttons in this group are 3/4 inch and the smallest is 1/2".

Last Saturday I spent the day between the New York City Garment District and Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) with my new fried and fellow EDM member Paula.  She is from Brazil and currently studying at Columbia.  I have walked past the Garment District sculptures at 40th and 7th Ave many times, but on Saturday joined Paula in taking a few pictures of the large button, needle, and garment worker.  It sometimes takes new eyes to make you see something that is so familiar!  I thought that I would include it as another sketch for the Button challenge.


SHIRLEY - These are lovely, each and every one!! I know there are folks who collect buttons and places where you can spend 9 lives worth of money for them-- these are just beautiful ....!

I love these sketches! And I'm part of the story now, yay! I still need to make my version of the sculptures, though... Stay tuned.

This is a great composite painting, it's a neat idea! Love those buttons... I have a box of them I've collected over the years. Don't sew any more, but the buttons are too nice.. and some of them are unusual too. Just can't think of getting rid of them.

Have a good time in London!

Beautiful buttons! Love your sketches of them. Fun history of why you have so many.

The drawings for tne last two challenges, are wonderful!! Great job!!!

Shirley, I really enjoyed all your sketches. They're all so wonderful! I love them!

Beautiful blog! I think the sketch of the garment worker is my favorite , but they're all very beautifully done.

beautiful! I love the delicacy of the button paintings - now I really want to see that button cabinet!

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