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London July 2006 - Part 1

We've returned from our wonderful London visit and this morning I scanned some of the sketches that I did of buildings.  These include:  the house that my daughter's family is renting, clouds overhead after a rainy day with details of their balcony, my 3 year old grandson's nursery school, Greene & Stone arts supply store, and Osborne & Little's windows.  All of these places are on or near King's Road in Chelsea.







This was a full family vacation and for much of the time I was with one or both of my grandchildren - ages 'just 3 and 19 months.  I carried my supplies with me and tried to make very quick sketches and then added watercolor washes - both from memory of the colors and occasional photos taken immediately before.  The clouds (EDM Challenge #74) need a little tweaking after scanning, but I have no time at the moment to do it.

The journal was a linen watercolor by Cachet (7 x 10" spiral bound).  I used Pigma Micron pens, Niji waterbrushes (small and medium) and a Daler-Rowney travel watercolor set.  Since my goal when I started sketching recently was to be able to keep an illustrated travel journal, I am pleased with my progress.  I purchased Graham Byfield's "London Sketchbook: A City Observed" before we went and realized very quickly that wonderful watercolor paintings of major London sites probably take days and days en plein!  I love looking at his magnificent book, but can't imagine creating it.


You've done an excellent job - I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your sketches.

Oh what wonderful sketches of a very special time! Love them all.

Shriley!!! THIS ARE FANTABULOUS!! Oh that perspective on the balcony!!! GLORY!!!! I too love a sketchbook journal -- and this is just wonderfully done!! BRAVA!

A wonderful way to document your trip. I enjoy your stylized architectural renderings. The balcony is fantastic.

These are so great--I really felt like I'd been there (never have been though) after seeing your delightful drawings. I really like the way you added little detail sections to some of the pictures, of the signs, or the architectural detail. Very nice work and inspires me to add little call-outs of details too.

Welcome back!! I have been so looking forward to seeing what you did in London! For some reason, when I click on these thumbnails (except for the first one), nothing happens, so I'm frustrated that I can't see the sketches in detail. I'll try again later and see if they work. From what I gather, they're lovely sketches ;D.

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