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EDM Challenge #77: Draw Something Cold




I love ice cream and Italian ices and debated trying to sketch some of each before they melted.  But with temperatures nearing 100 degrees in New York City, I REALLY love something that cools me for more than 10 minutes and that is the combination of our ceiling fans and window air conditioners.  My husband and I alternate between our library and master bedroom these days when we're home and turn the fan on when we enter the rooms and off when we leave.  The AC is essential for sleeping, but we rarely need to use during the day.   


a really nice sketch - love the simple lines!
we need an AC in the hot Australian summer - dont know how we lived without one for so long!

WOW!! GREAT JOB on the fan and window!!! Such a challenging perspective that you handled beautifully!!!!

I love this drawing with it's cool and warm colors and the way you got both images in the picture in different frames that blend together perfectly. I'm jealous that you live in NYC--I haven't been there for a visit in way too long! But I guess I'm not jealous about being there in 100 degree heat--it's hard to imagine. I hope you don't have to take the subway!

I love the composition in this one. You have been doing some great drawings recently

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