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EDM Challenge #76: Flowers


The plaza area on my way between the parking garage and my office was magnificent last week.  I "stole" a single flower and painted it during the day as it sat in a Dixie cup on my desk. 


We had dinner with cousins last Sunday in the middle of their wonderful gardens.  This hibiscus plant was sitting on the deck and I couldn't resist taking time to paint it.  The plant was much fuller, but I needed to simplify it to be sociable!  Hard to believe that I was painting a hibiscus in London exactly one week before.

These were sketched with a Pigma micron pen in an Aquabee Globetrotter Sketch Diary (70 lb paper) and painted with Niji waterbrushes and Winsor-Newton tube watercolor paints.  I sketched the actual flowers and took the photos later because they were so beautiful. 


Oh Shirley, these are GORGEOUS!! I love the photos also and you have captured them so wonderfully. I laughed when I read about you painting at your friends. I bet they loved it.

These are great! I love how you've posted your work side by side with your photos of the subjects. I also really like it that you feel comfortable using some artistic license with your flowes to make them more manageable to paint- very cool :)

These are really nice. I'm glad you explained about taking the photos after doing the paintings. I'm really finding it so much more fun to work from life rather than photos (after being dedicated to painting from photos for years and years!). Your composition in the daisy picture is really great and the colors on both are very rich.

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