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EDM Challenge #69: Beverage=Coffee





My favorite beverage is coffee, especially when I wake up at 5:30 AM on work days.  I sketched our Krups automatic drip coffee pot for EDM Challenge #14 - "The First Thing That I See in the AM" shortly after I joined the EDM group last fall.  This time I decided to draw other ways that I have to make good, black coffee: an Italian espresso pot, a brass Turkish coffee pot, a Bodum travel press that allows me to make pressed coffee and then drink it from the same cup, and a Melitta filter for an individual mug to make a single cup of drip coffee. 

It is very apparent that my style has changed significantly in the last 8 months.  I didn't start adding watercolor washes to my pen sketches regularly until December and now prefer COLOR!


Show-off :-)

Your drawing has come along in leaps and bounds in the little while between now and the Krupps. The new one is great and I love the colour.

love my coffee toooo shirley, your sketches are wonderful and have tempted me to another cup. clare

These are great! The turkish pot can also be passed as a Greek coffee pot - yummy! I have greek coffee everyday!

Isn't it lovely to feel you're making progress. These coffee pots are lovely.

These are so pretty and so well done, Shirley ... I LOVE how your work is continuing to evolve with ever more details and finest of lines ... GREAT JOB!

From the looks of this, you are the woman my husband should have married! He's a big fan of the french press for his daily coffee, and also loves to brew turkish coffee with one of those funny little pots, too. I like how you rendered these.

Wow! Great job. Lots of great ways to make java. I've only used color on a few sketches. I'm still trying to work on that. I like your use of color.

How interesting! What a big change in styles. I love the clarity of your watercolour work. You are inspiring me to try it again/more. I see you use a Moleskine. Do you use dish detergent(??) or is it a Watercolour Moleskine?

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