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EDM Challenge#65: Noses

These noses were done from photos in the New York Times Sunday Magazine - using pencil and then increasing the contrast on the scan with Photoshop so I could post them.  I still can't do face shading using a pen and I also haven't purchased fixative (or hair spray) for pencil sketches.  So  like my mouths, eyes, and self-portrait, they will slowly fade away.  I'm still trying to learn to sketch with a pen and then to add a watercolor wash, so I only use pencil for very quick sketches. 


those are some GREAT noses!!

GREAT JOB, Shirley!!!

these are GREAT noses! I think you've captured them really, really well!!

Wonderful noses. They look so much better when combined with eyes and mouths!

Great noses, but what I really like is you page layout. Very nice.

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