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EDM Challenge 68: Computers


I have sketched several computers in the last few months, so I added two of the old images to the new sketch that I did for the EDM challenge.   All of the images can be enlarged further by clicking on them.

Computer 1: I use this old laptop on the desk because my husband and I spend alot of time in the library and I have the most extensive collection of bookmarks on this list of favorites.  It has never been used on battery and rarely removed from the library. 

Computer 2: I spent many hours preparing a course exam, both at home and in my office - carrying the textfiles between sites with my trusty flash drive.  This sketch of the keyboard and flash drive was done during lunch.

Computer 3: We just got a new laptop which is much better prepared for travel to London and back.  A camera has been added so hopefully we will be able to communicate with our family and actually see the children daily!  My husband was unpacking it when I did this sketch.


WOW!!! NEAT NEAT SKETCHING, Shirley!! We too are in the market for a computer update -- probably a laptop -- I suppose these are getting mighty popular! Yours looks wonderful!

Lovely pages. I particularly enjoy the flash drive. There is something so honest in your drawing's simplicity. Is the unsmiley face really there?

your illustrations are so lovely - very detailed!

Great sketches. May I use the one of the IBM in a website project I am doing for my HTML/CSS class? The best website will be used by the company that we are designing the mock website for.

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