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EDM Challenge #67: Honoring Mothers


I was very fortunate and absolutely delighted that I was able to spend Mother's Day with my three children, their spouses, and my 3 grandchildren.  My 87 year old mother Margaret lives in Texas so we had a celebratory phone call, but no visit.  I decided to honor my maternal lineage for this challenge: my mother Margaret, her mother Bernadine, her mother Margaret, and Margaret's mother Mary.  Mary was born in East Flanders in the early 1800s and immigrated to the United States with her parents in 1854 as a young married woman.   The letter "M" was inspired by a Dover publication entitled Alphabets and Ornaments. 


WHAT A LOVELY LOVELY sketch, Shirley -- and I love how it links all the M"s in your family ... a fine and beautiful tribute!

I love this, it was as great idea and very well executed. It would make a wonderful needlework design. I have several favorite Dover books I use for motifs. :-)

Shirley Your story about spending a celebratory phone call with your Mom hit home. Its always so difficult when parents live so far away..
I love your letter "M" - it's perfect because it has that European flair! Well done!

What a great idea - looks like a Flanders tile

Beautiful -- absolutely beautiful!

What a wonderful way to honor your women! BEAUTIFUL!

This is absolutely wonderful! I love the colors you used, and the whole idea is very creative!

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