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EDM Challenge # 62 (and #4)

                 mugs2.size.jpg Mugs1.size.jpg

I joined the EDM group in September and slowly worked through earlier challenges using Pigma micron pens.  In December, I pledged to myself to do a daily ink/watercolor wash drawing every day during 2006.  For challenge #62 I decided to repeat my sketch of mugs - and to add a watercolor wash because I'm not ready yet to move beyond these pens and my limited watercolor palette.  The perspective is still wonky and I continue to wonder "Why are circles and ovals so hard for me to draw?"


Shirley -- THESE ARE FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like it!!

Ovals can be tricky...sometimes I move my hand around the paper in the shape about 20-30 times before setting the nip on the paper to get warmed up. I see progress in your smaller sketch at the bottom - the treatment of the handle is well done there.

Looks excellent! Great work for the challenge.

Great way of doing the challenges! I will do like Melissa says, and just circle round and round, but I usually actually DRAW those round and round lines, rather than doing it neatly in the air. (And still usually don't get it right.) Wonky equals character -- at least that's what I tell myself!
:-D Oh, those evil elipses ... they get us all!

These are fun drawings despite the wonky perspective. I think our eyes are very clued up to how circles atc should be. You could try just 'drawing' with you finger on a table, round and round, brcoming more oval - whenever you have a moment. I'm sure you'll get there if you think it's really needed.

I find circles tough too. I guess it's because our brain says perfect circle when we are actually seeing an elipse. Darn left brain. Great job on all your drawings.

These are great Shirley, the colours give it such a lift.

I think they are great and the wonky ovals add character!
great work!

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