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Personal Growth

Becanase2.size.jpg Becanase1.size.jpg

My springtime allergies are bothering me, so I sketched my steroid nasal spray medication yesterday.  Then I remembered that I sketched it almost 3 years ago when I was drawing only occasionally.   It was fun to compare the two journal pages and realize that I now add a watercolor wash to every sketch - adding color has become a really important part of every journal entry.


reall shows improvement....great job

Great comparison. Your growth is so apparent and I bet exciting for you. Makes one want to keep learning.

These bottle are really cool. I love the paint you added to the one, as well.

GREAT SKETCHES!!! I hope you're feeling better!! The pollen is flying here!

These are great!
I too suffer from Hay fever - thank goodness we are onto Autumn here in Australia

I know what you mean about seasonal allergies, Shirley. sometime I marvel that I am even alive!! but you are doing well and keeping up with the sketching. I look forward to more entries!!

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