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April 11, 2006

EDM Challenge # 62 (and #4)

                 mugs2.size.jpg Mugs1.size.jpg

I joined the EDM group in September and slowly worked through earlier challenges using Pigma micron pens.  In December, I pledged to myself to do a daily ink/watercolor wash drawing every day during 2006.  For challenge #62 I decided to repeat my sketch of mugs - and to add a watercolor wash because I'm not ready yet to move beyond these pens and my limited watercolor palette.  The perspective is still wonky and I continue to wonder "Why are circles and ovals so hard for me to draw?"

April 5, 2006

Personal Growth

Becanase2.size.jpg Becanase1.size.jpg

My springtime allergies are bothering me, so I sketched my steroid nasal spray medication yesterday.  Then I remembered that I sketched it almost 3 years ago when I was drawing only occasionally.   It was fun to compare the two journal pages and realize that I now add a watercolor wash to every sketch - adding color has become a really important part of every journal entry.

April 3, 2006

EDM Challenge #61: Draw a Grouping


Yesterday was a beautiful day in New York City and everyone was outside enjoying the early spring weather.  Central Park was full- many ball games, bike riders, walkers, runners, sun bathers and just plain folks sitting on the benches.  There were several beds of daffodils at the park entrance on E 86th Street and I stopped to sketch a few while I was walking with my granddaughter in her stroller.  I was delighted to see the EDM challenge for this week because I already had my grouping of 4 different daffodils and just needed to finish painting them today.  Within the next 2 weeks there will be many beds of tulips in bloom as spring definitely arrives in the Northeast.  I'm watching and periodically sketching one specific tulip plant that is growing in a flower bed in front of my building.  I can't wait to see what color it is!  This daffodil painting was going to be one of my series of Color projects since I'm exploring YELLOW this month.  Now there will be one less to add at the end of the month.

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