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I attended my first Sketchcrawl Friday February 3rd.  It was organized by Patti and Danny Gregory at the Rubin Museum of Art which is a new Manhattan museum that features art from the Himilayas.  It's a gorgeous space and the art was inspiring.  I filled 5 pages of images that I abstracted from the paintings, clearly more in my "comfort zone" than sketching the very ornate, small sculptures.  The sketch above was one tiny portion of a very large painting from 17th C. Tibet to which I was drawn because of the stylized clouds.  I did the sketch with a Pigma micron 05 pen and added watercolor washes at home.  I wish that I could have met all of the other artists, and I really wish that I could have seen their work.  Hopefully most of them will post their sketches to the EDM group.


I loved this little fish - created in a transparent orange pigment over a dark background with white highlights.  The same fish appeared scattered around the border of the painting several more times.  I can't wait to recreate him on paper or on silk in a quilt journal page.


Shirley, This is a charming drawing and I think you really captured the Eastern cultural essence. I love your simple flowing lines and the particular colours you chose. It feels very sensual to me. Lovely!

How lovely! I envy you going on this sketchcrawl. Sounds like you had fun. I really like what you have done here.

NICELY DONE, Shirley!! And how fun to do a sketchcrawl! This art would have been beyond my ability, too, but you've handled it beautifully! I love the tact you took too ... great way to approach the subject!

I love seeing how everyone looks at the same subject from a different perspective! These are wonderful sketches, and I agree about the little fish. He would be great in silk! :-)

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