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EDM Challenge #55: Doorknobs


This was a fun, quick, challenge drawing.  I went searching for unusual doorknobs but found more than 25 in our apartment that look just like this.  If they weren't predicting colder weather this weekend, I'd search the neighborhood for a few that are more interesting to sketch.  That will be a great project for spring!



Shirley -- these are so so well done!! I too found the same doorknobs throughout my B&B AND my office!!!!

You did a great job with these Shirley!

I found this challenge fun, too. Amazing how interesting that simple door knobs can be and, of course, they stand nice and still while they are being drawn. Yours are lovely. Well done!

Shirley -- good job with the doorknobs! I must say, your plain ones are more interesting than my plain ones ... how can that be! Don't you suspect that we'll all be looking a doorknobs a little more closely now for some time to come? :-)

OK I'm thinking these may well be my fav version of this particular challange (of which I'm so seriously behind I cannot be considered a participant any longer)

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