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EDM Challenge #54: Someone I Love


Valentines Day 2006:  I love my 3 grandchildren more than words (or drawings) can express.  

My skills at portraiture are such that I'm disappointed when my drawings don't look like my subjects.  After much thought this week, I decided to sketch "someone that each of them loves."  From left to right:  2 year old Henry's Lion, 13 month old Sydney's Monkey, and Mambo - 6 month old Robbie's monkey.  Henry and Sydney adore their stuffed animals and bring them to Grandma and Grandpa's apartment for overnight visits.  Robbie is still too young to have the same type of bonding with Mambo, but every month they have their picture taken together to chart Robbie's growth. 


Aw! These are gorgeous. What a great way to represent someone you love.

What a sweet way to show your love! Really nice job.

THIS IS GREAT, Shirley!! And a wonderful way to remember everyone!

I don't think that any of us are satisfied with portraits we do of our nearest and dearest. I believe it is because we are so familiar with their faces that a drawing can never do it. It is best to build your confidence by drawing strangers and then move on to those you love. It helps to shake loose the inner critic.

I do enjoy your stuffed friends, though. Well done.

These are so adorable - I just want to snuggle up with them.

Shirley, that's a lovely idea and you've carried it out so well. I was so happy to meet you at the RMA sketchcrawl, but wish we'd had a chance to chat more. Maybe next time.

I love your approach to this challenge! Wonderful work!

Lovely Shirley. Bet the grandkids love these drawings too. This would make a really nice greeting card too.

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