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The Amalfi Coast


The Amalfi Coast:  We took a bus along the Amalfi Drive to Positano and then walked down the main stairway to the beach.  I fell in love immediately with the Positano style: the colors, the textures, and the amazing design of the clothes that were displayed in all of the shops along the passageway. We had 10 minutes for coffee on the beach before our boat arrived and I sketched a few buildings on the edge of the water.  We then cruised the coast to Amalfi and we walked so much in the main squares of Amalfi that I only had time for a few fast sketches.  I did buy a wonderful small watercolor journal in the oldest paper shop in Amalfi.


These are so lively and lovely and capture the spirit of the moment. That's what I love about sketches and sketching, and I really prefer sketches to finished sophisticated pieces of art....!!
I'm glad I found these!

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